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If you have landed here, chances are that you're a dog owner and you know how much joy they can bring to your life.

However, sometimes even the best behaved dogs can get into trouble. 

Maybe your dog is barking at people or other dogs, jumping on visitors or you... maybe they are pulling on the lead and making walks less enjoyable than they should be.

"Ciara really helped us with our dog Bucky, who was constantly pulling on the lead. She gave us great tips and tricks to stop this and now our walks with Bucky are for more enjoyable. I would highly recommend her services."


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We specialise in 1:1 private training sessions with your dog. We work with both of you, in a space that feels safe and comfortable for all involved. 

Dog training is not just about the dog, it is also about the human! We will help you learn how to communicate with each other to strengthen your relationship through fun and reward based learning.

Our 1:1 Behaviour Training sessions are tailored to each dog and their individual needs.

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1:1 Dog behaviour training

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These packages are suitable for Dog Reactivity, Resource Guarding, Boisterous Behaviour, Pulling on Lead, Not coming back when called, and many others. 

For Puppies under 6 months of age, check out our PUPPY PROGRAMS.

For dogs suffering with Separation Anxiety, check out our SEPARATION ANXIETY page to find out how we can help.

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